Gemstone Exploration Program

Precious Gemstones Exploration in Various US States

dreamstime_xs_15158507Gemstones are of a substantial interest to the Piedmont Resources Corporation, as management has considerable professional and practical experience in Gemology.  This area of interest for the Company in the exploration and mining of precious gemstones in the Piedmont Plateau and the Appalachian Plateau of the Southeastern United States is of paramount importance.

Diamonds have been sporadically found in these regions for years, and some of these have been of large sizes: some geological and mineralogical indices have merit to further research and explore for diamonds in the areas mostly in eastern North Carolina and western Tennessee.  Emeralds have been mined in North Carolina since the 19th Century and numerous other areas spurn interest in further prospecting and exploration for more mineable deposits.

Piedmont Resources Corporation is working on implementing an ongoing program to locate these deposits for a more commercial value.