Bruce R. Horncastle MSEE

bruce_headshotMr. Horncastle, is President and Chief Executive Officer of Piedmont Resources Corporation. He is a consummate entrepreneur, with a diverse and varied career background. He has held numerous positions of advancing responsibility prior to starting his own electrical contracting company in 1977. Having been involved in wiring oil and gas production facilities in New York and Pennsylvania, Mr. Horncastle became involved subsequently in energy production in that region. In 1982, he founded Piedmont Resources Corporation, with a goal to stimulate energy production and development of mineral properties. Since that time, Mr. Horncastle has been active in acquiring mineral interests and properties for mining, including oil and gas business in numerous states in the US, as well as Colombia, South America.

Mr. Horncastle’s expertise has predominately been in the oil and gas fields, as well as, precious metals and gemstones of the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the US. He is also knowledgeable regarding production histories in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Alabama, Colorado, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and elsewhere. His experience in these fields has thereby enabled him to build Piedmont Resources Corporation into a well-organized, and respected private held development company, with thousand of acres in mineral interests and dozens of working interests in oil and gas wells operating under management.

As a consequence of his diverse knowledge and expertise, Mr. Horncastle is retained by numerous mineral interests owners to evaluate mineral reserves and value their interests and lands; also, exploration work on properties evaluating potential for gold, silver or other metals, minerals or gems. Over the past thirty five years, he has worked closely with privately held and small publicly held companies involved in sampling and analysis programs on prospective mining properties in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, along with compilation of historic production information and geological/mineralogical reports.

Having a deep interest in geology and mineralogy in his youth, Mr. Horncastle eventually became active in cave exploration. This subsequently led to mining for mineral specimens, gemstones and precious metals, which eventually became a serious hobby. Mr. Horncastle then studied lapidary arts and became an experienced gemstone faceter and bench jeweler. In 1986, Mr. Horncastle attended Gemology at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) earning a degree as a Graduate Gemologist (G.G.). He is also a member of GIA’s Alumni Association. He continues to enhance his studies in this science and owns a laboratory for mineral analysis. These studies have also been extremely useful to a deep understanding of geology, especially related to oil and gold resources.

Mr. Horncastle is a qualified Electrical Engineer and has Master of Science, Electrical Engineering (MSEE) degree from Madison University. Previously, he studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Mr. Horncastle attended Regis University Denver, Colorado for formal MBA business studies.

Burton S. Wienke, Jr. BA

Mr. Wienke is Chief Operating Officer of Piedmont Resources Corporation. He has over thirty years of oilfield drilling and geological experience. This experience has involved land acquisition, geophysical data acquisition, geological studies for oil and gas well drilling, both conventional and horizontal, well completion and oil production operations.

Mr. Wienke is a New York Licensed Professional Geologist and owner of Syracuse Land & Energy, Inc., a geologic and well drilling consulting company operating in the Northern Appalachian Basin of the United States.

Mr. Weinke holds a B.A. in Geological Sciences and has following licenses: New York State Class B Commercial Drivers License and Collateral Hazardous Material and Air Brake Endorsements.

Mr. Wienke has professional societies memberships in New York State Oil Producers Association and Northern Appalachian Landmans Association.



Mr Brind is Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Piedmont Resources Corporation. He has held numerous corporate officer level management and senior marketing and business management positions in large information technology companies, as well as small businesses enterprises and has operated extensively in both national and international markets.

Mr Brind has in-depth sales, marketing and management experience in the telecommunications, networking and data-communications industry, with prior technical experience in industrial automation of steel, chemical, and paper production. He is president of BBNY M&A, a full-service mergers and acquisitions advisory and intermediary firm serving the mid-market business sector.

Mr Brind is a  Chartered Engineer (CEng.); Certified Business Intermediary (CBI); Certified Senior Business Analyst (CSBA); Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser (CMEA);  Chartered Information Technology Professional (CITP) and Member Institute of Engineering and Technology (MIET).