Gold Mining Program

dreamstime_xs_20883689Piedmont Resources Corporation owns large gold mining mineral rights holdings in North Carolina for the past 20 years, held through its’ subsidiary company, Phoenix-Barrier Mining Corporation.  In the past 2 years, further work of surveying and mapping has been performed on the ore bodies of these properties, which contain just over 413 acres.

This region is known as the Piedmont Plateau, which stretches from Maryland to Alabama and has had a long history of precious metals production.  North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia have had the best and largest productions of gold and silver in the Plateau since the 1830’s.  Furthermore, this gold is amongst the purest to be found in the world.

The Phoenix Mine property and the mines on it, now owned by Piedmont through its’ Phoenix-Barrier Mining Corporation subsidiary, was the second largest producer of gold, silver, copper and other metals in Southeastern United States during the heyday period of the mid through late 1800’s. The Phoenix Mine was reached to a depth of 620 feet and has several hundred feet extended in each of the two directions on numerous levels.  Despite all of this development work on the Phoenix Mine itself, only about 10% of the ore had been produced, as per estimates and surveys reaching to a depth of 2000 feet.   This mine is on one of a few veins found on the property.  Another mine was developed to a depth of 150 feet on another vein and was rich in copper and gold.

Other acreages of this property have ore veins that are, as of yet, undeveloped and not totally assessed. Phoenix-Barrier Mining Corporation is working on starting an exploration and surface mining program in to start by the end of 2016 in these other

Phoenix-Barrier Mining Corporation also owns 92.5 acres of patented mining claims in Cripple Creek, Colorado. These claims are of considerable value and are part of the Cripple Creek Mining District that was, in the 1890’s, the largest gold mining district in the world. Currently, the Pike’s Peak Mining Group, owned by Anglo-American Gold Ltd…the largest gold producer in the world today…works on claims nearby the those owned by the Company. Pike’s Peak Mining produces over $1 Billion in gold annually at this location.